Welcome to the 2021 East Artswalk!

Artwork by Camille Davis

This year has been nothing but unique.  From having to close the school doors in March of 2020, to being completely remote in the fall, to teaching both in-person and remote students at the same time, our Arts classes have operated differently.  

Being the amazing educators that they are, the East Arts teachers worked hard to re-design their courses to offer students the most authentic experience they could.  We have packed up individual art kits, found spaces outside to sing, and learned new technologies to bring performances to a virtual audience.  Every teacher stretched their imaginations to come up with ways for students to connect and create.

I am extremely proud of the student work and teacher dedication this year.  It would have been so easy to give up and just say we would start up again next year.  Instead, we offer you this large body of work that students have created.  It speaks to their uncertainty, their fears, and their hopes.  It shows us that these students are resilient and brave.


We hope that you enjoy our virtual Artswalk this year.  If you would like to make a donation to Artswalk and help support our artists and performers, please email Karina Goodwin at karina_goodwin@dpsk12.net.

Special Thanks to:

Matt Kingham and Karina Goodwin - Co-coordinators of Artswalk

Jason Poole (Ellipsis Media) for helping with the website

Joey Simpleman, Markus Wilson, Ariana Lucas and Ean Duffield for logos and website art

MIchael (Maren) Barr for putting together the Visual Art galleries

Eleanor Eck, Class of 2020 for the Artswalk Logo.

Alexandra Overby, PhD

Artswalk Co-Coordinator